I live in the country and normally don’t travel too far from home. The library and the grocery store are my only regular haunts. But like Cinderella going to the ball, or country mouse visiting her city cousin, I find myself preparing for a week-long trip involving multiple flights, accommodations, and a symposium at which I’ll be speaking.

And get this:

  • I have never made my own hotel reservations
  • I haven’t flown on a plane in 30 years
  • I travel so little, I don’t even own luggage

Do you know how much flying has changed in thirty years? Not only was this before stricter security regulations, and before internet access for ticket purchases, it was even before airline deregulation. (If you don’t remember the big to-do over airline deregulation, I am probably old enough to be your mother.) What hasn’t changed about flying since I was last on a plane?

So I decided to collect all the best tips and information I have found here. Perhaps some other newbie traveler will find it helpful.


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