Garden Writers Symposium Travel Hints

  • extra film or a second camera [Betty Mackey]
  • Bring your own water bottle even though water will be provided on all buses and at events[Betty Mackey]
  • a handy little notebook[Betty Mackey]
  • As for what to wear, you can get away with practically anything as long as
    it is comfortable for walking and also for sitting on the bus. Dress in layers. People sometimes dress up more for the dinner and evening events, but only a slight step up from the day’s shorts and jeans.[Betty Mackey]
  • Of course you will bring business cards. You’ll be wearing the symposium badge, which usually comes in a little plastic-fronted pouch thing with room for business cards and event tickets in the zippered back. And your [business] card is your raffle ticket at certain exhibit booths.[Betty Mackey]
  • Granted, $120 a night is a lot of money for a hotel room, but I find a roommate and the rate drops to $60 a night, which is quite affordable. And the fee includes almost all of our meals. That’s not the case at most other conferences I’ve attended.[JoEllen Meyers Sharp]
  • Also, I look at this annual symposium as an investment in my professional development. Spending less than $1,000 a year on that doesn’t seem like a lot of money. Trust me, I’m not flush with cash, either. I haven’t had a vacation in years.[JoEllen Meyers Sharp]
  • We have no commonality of age, expertise or even occupation. I met writers, photographers, editors, trades people, landscape designers, public garden directors, public relations people, electronic media folks and university extension agents. There were freelancers, employees and business owners.[Linda Nitchman]
  • If you approached this symposium as a buffet instead of a banquet you might have been better fed. Of course, I–like you–wanted to “just do it all!” I may have to rethink that attitude in the future.[Kirk Brown]
  • I sent my clothes, seeds and lightweight samples via UPS ground so that I could carry the plants on the plane. I was afraid that shipping from the west coast to Georgia would be hard on the plants, and clothes weigh less. Even so, I never dreamed that it would be more than a week before the
    package would arrive. [Daryl-PDX]
  • Interesting plant shipping side-light. I pointed out the plant inspection sticker to the TSA agent as I handed him my bag, and told him that it might x-ray a little oddly. They didn’t inspect the contents, but apparently did check the sticker itself, since it was removed from the exterior of the suitcase and placed on the airline tag. [Daryl-PDX]

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